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For more information on any rules, guidelines, and/or policies download the Del Norte Student Handbook.

Fight Song

March on, march on, down the field

with our heads held high

Determined to win every battle we’re in,

We’ll fight with all our might for black and white.

March on, march on, down the field

for our victory is nigh

We know we came to win the game

for ol’ Del Norte and

We’ll win or we’ll know the reason why.

Del Norte High School Cornerstones

  • Personalization
  • Expectations
  • Rigor
  • Accountability

School Information

Welcome KNIGHTS!

Welcome Knights,

     Del Norte is a diverse school that has a lot to offer its students and families. Del Norte has a variety of elective classes including: esports, Educators Rising, DECA, Skateboarding, AP classes and honors classes just to name a few. Our elective classes appeal to all student interests. Del Norte also has many clubs and activities including Student Leadership and BSU. There are also many sports programs to choose from as well. There is something for everybody. 

    When you come to Del Norte we want you to get involved with the many opportunities Del Norte has to offer. We are a proud community school that places our students and families first. We also provide health fairs and monthly food banks just to name a few.

      As a Knight, there are high expectations for our students to be involved on campus. We ask our students to always believe in themselves and be the positive change in our community. Welcome all future and present Knights. 



Edward E Bortot-Principal 

Knight Traditions

  • Academic achievement is the #1 tradition at the Castle!
  • It is a Knight tradition for everyone to stand, clap, and sing along when the fight song is played; we are Proud to be KNIGHTS!
  • It is a Knight tradition to always demonstrate good sportsmanship at all athletic events.
  • It is a Knight tradition to wear school colors (turquoise, black and white) to school every Friday – spirit day - and to all athletic events.
  • It is a Knight tradition to support all Del Norte activities by attending athletic events, concerts and performances.
  • It is a Knight tradition to keep our campus clean!  Always throw your own trash away!
  • It is a Knight tradition to show your school pride and class spirit at all assemblies and activities.
  • Excellence has been a Knight tradition for 50 years!!!
  • Our motto:  The right way…The Knight way!


Every Friday wear turquoise, black, and white!