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General Information


The Administrative Team deals with the instructional leadership of the school as well as student discipline. A special emphasis has been made for the success of 9th graders. Seniors, juniors, sophomores and reclassified freshmen are divided among three administrators alphabetically by last name:

Mr. Ed Bortot

Ms. Monica Noce

Mr. Raul Sandoval

Mr. Chris Welsh

Mr. Michael Mendoza


Assemblies are held as necessary. Talking stops when the assembly begins. Always stand for the flag presentation and the National Anthem, and refrain from talking. Always stand and clap along with the fight song. Attendance at school assemblies is expected. Proper respect should be demonstrated to those who are speaking or performing.


As Del Norte students, you are expected to be in class daily, be prepared, and be on time! A number of adults on this campus are available to help you with any problems you may have. You are encouraged to meet your counselor, the assistant principals, and the principal. For specific information, read the KNIGHT CODE (see pages 15-18).

Bus Regulations AND RULES

The same behavior is expected from students on school buses as during the school day. At all times students are to follow directions given by the bus driver. Students unable to behave properly on the bus will be denied the privilege of riding the bus.

Students may not have a friend who does not live in the area covered by bus service ride a bus with them; in case of an accident the friend is not covered by the bus insurance. School bus transportation is provided to all students who live (in district) more than two (2) miles from campus. A bus schedule is posted in the Main Office.

Bus Rules:

  • Students must be at the designated bus stop on time.

  • Do not board or exit the bus before it comes to a complete stop.

  • Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times. Remain in seats.

  • NO smoking, eating, throwing of objects, or drinking allowed.

  • NO Loud noise, laughter, or other distractions are allowed.

  • The driver of the school bus is the authority on that bus. The school official may suspend a student’s riding privilege for violation of the rules.


Closed Campus Policy

Leaving campus for lunch is a privilege! Only ”Approved” seniors will be granted off-campus privileges based on application process (see website).

Failure to comply with the Knight Code could result in loss of off-campus privileges for individual seniors or for the class as a whole. This policy will be reviewed on a year-to-year basis for each senior class. Additionally, parents may request enforcement of the APS District Closed-campus Policy for their individual student.


Participation in Commencement is a privilege. However, seniors who do not wish to participate should notify the Activities Director as soon as possible. Participation in the Honors Assembly is required to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Campus Specialties is Del Norte’s official contracted vendor for cap& gown, announcements, etc. 1529 Eubank NE – 275-9357

Lifetouch Photography is the official photographer for senior portraits displayed in the yearbook etc. 1453 Wyoming Blvd. – 237-1957


Counselors are available for consultation on school related and personal matters. Counselors and parents share the responsibility for helping students plan their high school program. Information on school scheduling, curriculum, vocational and post high school planning may be obtained through the counseling office.

Mr. Clay Szenasi
Ms. Rebecca Mikkelson

Mrs. Lynette Cuellar
Mr.Joselyn Glicco: College/Career
Mrs. Medina: Crossroads

During passing periods or at lunch students should make appointments to meet with their counselor. Counselors are available before school, after school, during passing periods, and by appointment to meet with students. Parents who wish to have a conference with a counselor are welcome to call and arrange for an appointment.

Critical Response / Fire Drills

DNHS has established a critical response plan (located in the Main Office) for various types of campus emergencies. For the safety of our students and staff these evacuation procedures will be rehearsed throughout the school year. When the fire siren sounds, students should move immediately to an open area which is 50 feet away from the buildings. They will take direction from their teacher. The “all clear” signal (three long rings) will indicate when it is safe to return to the building.

Fire lanes on the campus grounds have been clearly marked, and fire lane violations will result in fines by city officials or APS Security during school hours and at school events.


(Del Norte dances are not open to the public.)

DN generally hosts three dances throughout the school year for DN students with current school I.D.’s. School rules of conduct/behavior are applicable, and appropriate action will be administered for infractions. DN students wishing to bring a non-DN date must give the date’s name when tickets are purchased. The DN student is responsible to have their date complete the DN Dance Form that is authorized by his/her schools administration and return it by the school day prior to the dance. The non-DN date must present his/her photo ID to the chaperone at the door. Guest age may be 9th grade – 20 years old. Once a student chooses to leave a dance, he/she will not be readmitted.

• Dress expectations are as follows:
Males - nice dress slacks, not jeans*; a dress shirt and appropriate shoes. Males are encouraged to wear a tie, vest, sports coat or suit. Tuxedos are appropriate for the Homecoming Court at the Homecoming Dance, and for Prom. Shirts must be worn at all times. *If dressed in full western attire, dress jeans are acceptable. Females - appropriate formal or evening dress, or dress slacks outfit; appropriate shoes. Dresses must be as long as an extended arm and fist when standing up straight. Jeans are not allowed.

Dance photographs may be available for order at all dances. Homecoming/Prom Dances are from 8-11:30pm.Winter Ball/other dances are from 8- 11:00 pm. If the student does not drive and must rely on a ride home, the ride should be waiting for the student prior to end of dance. Del Norte dances are chaperoned by DN staff, administration and parent volunteers. Parents wishing to volunteer may contact the Activities Office-883-7222 ext. 115.


Outside deliveries to students are not allowed during school time.


Military recruiters, universities and other post-secondary institutions may request that the school or district provide them with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of enrolled high school students. All names will appear on the requested list unless parents, or students who are 18 years old or older, complete and submit a Disclosure Exemption form (available in the office) requesting that their name be removed from the list.


Final exams are required by state law and calculated into the semester grades for all high school students. Final exams will be administered the last days of each semester. Attendance is mandatory. Students and parents may not request exemptions to the final exam schedule. The final exam grade is recorded on the semester report card.


Fines include activities, athletic, library and textbook. The fine list is posted around campus the last two weeks of each semester. Failure to clear fines by the end of the school year will result in the loss of the right to receive school records or register for classes for the upcoming school year. All fines are paid in the Bookroom.

Flag Ceremony And Pledge

Every morning, during the announcements, everyone should stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. During assemblies, games, or other events where the colors are presented, all persons should stand. This position should be held during the National Anthem and continued until the colors leave the floor or are posted.


One lunch is offered daily. A variety of food products are available at designated sites throughout the campus. Only APPROVED seniors have off-campus privileges during lunch. Students are expected to follow rules of courtesy at all food locations, and to clean up after themselves by busing trays, and throwing trash away properly. Knights take pride in keeping Del Norte’s campus clean! NO FOOD, DRINK (only bottled water allowed) GUM OR CANDY ALLOWED IN NEW BUILDING.

Cafeteria - The price of meals is established by the Board of Education and students may pay cash daily. Free or reduced lunches are available for students who qualify. Applications may be picked up in the Cafeteria, front office or completed on-line. Cutting in line, unruly behavior, or failure to bus one’s tray could result in the loss of privileges.

DECA Snack Bar - The DECA members participate in the operation of a snack bar north of the Cafeteria. Menu items will vary each day.

Knights-A-Pizza – Pizza and other offerings will be sold from the outside window at the south end of the lobby.

Grade Point Average/Credit

The student’s semester grades determine grade point average. Grade point average is based upon the following:

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points

In addition, grades in honors classes are weighted higher than grades in other classes.

The normal class load for a DN student is seven classes for all grades. One half (.50) credit is granted for each class per semester. Passing grades which contribute toward credits are A, B, C, D. Credit is not granted for F, WF, I or N but is computed for grade point average unless made up. For NMAA grade point average, these are computed as an F. Semester grades remain part of the permanent record.

Students who repeat a course will receive credit only once. Both grades are recorded on the transcript, but only the higher grade is used in computing the grade point average. Classes evaluated on a pass/fail basis are not counted in computing the grade point average or class rank. The basic grading system used at DN is based on a percentage system:

  • A= 90-100%
  • B= 80-89%
  • C= 70-79%
  • D= 60-69%
  • F= 0-59%

Since absences eliminate the student’s ability to participate in class activities and discussion, attendance is essential to student learning. Per district policy, honors and AP courses carry a weighted grade.


Graduation requirements are determined by the State of New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools. Next Step plans are developed annually in partnership with students, parents and faculty advisors. Specific questions regarding appropriate course work and requirements should be directed to your counselor. Students are required to pass a a standards based assessment.


As per the APS district guideline J.14 hazing will not be permitted as a condition of membership in any group or organization connected with the Albuquerque Public Schools. Hazing is defined as:

  1. To harass by exacting unnecessary, disagreeable, or degrading tasks or activities which may result in harm or bodily injury to an individual.
  2. To play abusive and humiliating tricks on an individual by way of initiation.

Inductions may be formal/informal—hazing is NOT allowed!

Health And Nurse's Services

The Nurse’s Office is open during school hours for students in need of first aid, health information, personal counseling, or referral to another health delivery agency. The school nurse may, with parental concurrence, excuse students from classes when they are ill or injured at school. Parents are notified of all conditions that require further medical attention. APS policy discourages the administration of medication at school. However, when a student needs to take prescription medication during school hours, arrangements can be made with the school nurse. Over-the-counter medications such as aspirin and Tylenol® are not dispensed from the Nurse’s Office.


Completing homework and contacting teachers about make-up work is the student’s responsibility and part of the educational process. Teachers will provide the deadline for completion of assignments. Students should request make-up work for short term illness. See page 10. If a student is ill and will obviously be absent several days, his/her parents should request homework assignments through their Counselor.


Del Norte has several honor society organizations. See page 35. Qualification for membership includes a required grade point average and service requirements to be fulfilled. The various honor societies are listed in the Student Involvement: Activities and Athletics section under Organizations - Academic.


Students must be in compliance with state law regarding immunizations in order to attend DNHS. Students without current immunization will not be admitted to Del Norte High School. Questions should be directed to the school nurse.


ACADEMIC AWARD LETTER: The DNHS Academic Letter was established to reward demonstrated excellence in academics. A student must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better for three semesters. These semesters do not need to be consecutive. A minimum of at least one semester must be while in attendance at Del Norte. Academic Letter applications are available in the Activities Office, and are awarded at a special assembly early in the spring semester.

ACTIVITY AWARD LETTER: All students at DN are eligible to earn an Activity Letter by participating in student activities that are non-athletic. Participation is based on earning 12 points in the current school year by participation in a variety of clubs, or by meeting strict requirements from only one organization if approved by the Activities Office. Official Activity Letter forms are available in the Activities Office mid-March. They are awarded at the Recognition Assembly in the spring.

ATHLETIC AWARD LETTER: Varsity participants are eligible to earn an Athletic Letter. Letter requirements are set and approved by the head coach of each sport and the Athletic Director. All athletes must fulfill expectations and finish the season in good standing. Athletic Letters are awarded at the end of the sports season.


The Library/Media Center serves the student’s need for a quiet place to study, to do homework, to read or do research. A current school I.D. with proper bar code is the student’s library card, which must be shown to check out any library material. After the class bell has rung, passes are required for students to enter the library. The library staff helps students locate materials needed for study, research or reading. Students using the library computers must adhere to the Internet Use Policy (pg. 19) Students with late arrival or early dismissal should take advantage of this time for academic enrichment.

Lost And Found

The Lost and Found box is in the Nurse’s office.


The office staff is unable to deliver messages to students except in the case of emergency. Student emergency messages must go through the front office secretaries.


Opportunities for parent involvement are numerous. Parents may volunteer for activity and athletic booster clubs; the Parent Advisory which focuses on school- wide issues and school support; and the Instructional Council which is the instructional leadership committee and addresses planning for the future. Parent volunteers are welcomed. Contact the Principal’s Secretary.

Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is a special program designed to serve as an alternative to long-term suspension when a student is involved in a drug or alcohol violation. PIP is designed to educate both the parent and student on topics such as teen issues, communication, problem solving, and provide information about drugs and alcohol. Participation in PIP requires that both student and parent sign a contract, and attend four two-hour sessions once a week for four weeks. Contact the Crossroad Counselor or school administrator for information.


I-Parent allows you to view a student’s attendance, assignment and grades online. Visit our main office to inquire about I-Parent and to create a user account (login) to access the system.


Student parking is provided in the designated student parking lot on the north side of the campus. Parking in the student lot will require a current parking sticker that will be visibly displayed in the front window of the vehicle. A New Mexico driver’s license, proof of insurance for each vehicle, registration for each vehicle and a current Del Norte student I.D. card are required to purchase the current year parking sticker in the Activities Office at a cost of $30.00. The student parking lot will be monitored during the regular school day. APS and DNHS do not guarantee that losses will not occur, nor will they be responsible for damages to or loss of personal items or vehicles. Students who park in other areas will be towed at their expense.


No tape, pins, tacks, etc. may be used. Posters and advertisements must have the approval of the Activities Director. Normally, a maximum of three large posters for an individual event may be posted; special needs will be considered. Approval to hang up posters must go through the Activities Office. Posters and signs will be removed by the sponsor the day after the activity. Posters/Flyers must be posted in approved areas only.


Students are encouraged to discuss their academic progress with their teachers. Students and parents can request progress reports on an individual basis through the Counseling Office and I-Parent.


Del Norte has official student publications prepared by students under the direction of faculty sponsors.

The LANCE - the school newspaper is published monthly.

The PAVILION - the yearbook is available to students who order a copy during the school year. Yearbook distribution is early in May.

The DRAWBRIDGE - the parent newsletter, is published several times a year, and emphasizes student awards and accomplishments, and informs parents of upcoming events and policy changes.

The DN Web site - http\\


Report cards are issued every six weeks. Report cards are distributed on campus. The report card indicates the total number of days absent in each class for that six-week grading period, the letter grade earned and appropriate teacher comment. The final exam grade and the number of earned credits are listed at the end of each semester on the student’s report card. At the end of the second semester only (spring), report cards will be mailed home. If students do not receive their report card, they should contact the Del Norte High School office.


Students have been given all possible assistance in selecting courses. A four-year plan has been approved by the parent and counselor. If at any time it is necessary for a student to drop a course, it is dropped with a “WF” after the first 10 days of the semester. Schedule changes will not be made after the first 10 days of the semester.


Information regarding scholarship opportunities is available through the Counseling Office and the College and Career Counselor.


Life Touch National School Studios has been selected by the school to photograph all Del Norte students for the yearbook. Seniors have their yearbook portraits taken by appointment at the photographer’s studio in the summer. Photographs of juniors, sophomores and freshmen will be taken at Del Norte in the early fall. Students may order photographs when they are taken, and payment is required when the order is placed. All senior pictures must be taken at Life Touch by Mid-October to be included in the yearbook.

Life Touch National School Studios
1453 Wyoming Blvd. NE


When a student registers, forms will be completed requiring the student’s legal name. Del Norte is happy to use a nickname, but for accuracy, data processing, and efficiency, the student’s legal name must be used. Any change of address/telephone number/legal name/or guardian status must be recorded with the Data Processing. Release of student information will only be allowed to legal parent or guardian.


The school administration must approve all trips which are part of the activities of a class or club. The Principal approves club trips and class-related trips. Athletic team travel is approved by the Athletic Director. Parents must give written permission for such trips. Each school-related absence is a Knight absence. Parent volunteers must be cleared through the APS volunteer process.

Sportsmanship / Character Counts

All DN students and parents have a responsibility to show respect and consideration for their opponents, coaches, and officials as well as to demonstrate enthusiastic support of the Knights! All spectators and fans are expected to exercise good sportsmanship.

  • Booing or razzing the opposing team or officials represents poor sportsmanship.
  • Demonstrate respect for all private and community property.
  • Unnecessary litter creates additional work for stadium and gymnasium maintenance people and does little to show respect for the athletic teams.
  • Cheerleaders, athletes or any other student must not throw anything into the stands at/to the fans.
  • All athletic events are school sponsored activities; therefore students are expected to follow the Knight Code.
  • Spectators and fans must remain in designated areas at all times.

Student Drop-Off/ Pick-up Locations

Safety is our #1 concern. Parents are encouraged to drop off/pick up students in the student parking lot on the North side of the campus. Students may also be dropped off/picked up on the north side of the gymnasium off of Senior Lane.


All student elections are coordinated through the Activities Office. Students are encouraged to run for student office, to vote in student elections, and to take elections seriously. Student ID is required to vote.


Student I.D. cards are issued to every student at registration. I.D. cards must be carried at all times and must be presented to any staff member upon request. Bar codes are necessary to check out textbooks and library books and purchase food from the cafeteria. Replacement I.D. cards will be made only during passing periods or at lunch at a cost of $5.00 for the first replacement, $7.00 for the second replacement. Proof of attendance at Del Norte is required.


Accident insurance is made available through the Albuquerque Public Schools by a local insurance agency. Del Norte assists by offering the application forms at the beginning of school. The insurance plan provides good coverage (both school time and full time). For information or verification of grades for good-student insurance discounts, the student or parent should see the school nurse.


Del Norte students participate in a number of district, state and national testing programs. It is essential for a student to expend maximum efforts on these tests as results become part of the student’s permanent high school record.

The State Department of Education requires that all students pass a standards based assessment or a competency exam. Each test is designed to measure skills in reading, writing, English, math, science and social studies. Specific questions regarding testing and/or graduation requirements should be directed to your counselor.


Textbooks are assigned using the student ID and textbook bar code. Students are responsible for their assigned textbooks. When the textbook is returned, the computer database clears only the student to whom the book was assigned. Students will be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged textbooks/ fines must be paid for before another textbook will be issued. Students need to make arrangements to replace books within five (5) days.


Yearbooks are on sale all year. See Mrs. Wanke in Room 340 for details.


All visitors must check in to the Main Office and pick up a visitor ID card. Non- Del Norte students, especially younger children, are prohibited on campus during the school day due to safety and liability concerns. Student guests are not permitted unless it is for a Del Norte sponsored activity.