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Substance Use Websites and Support 




What is crossroads?

Crossroads is a substance use prevention/intervention program for APS students.  The program services are delivered by a group of licensed school counselors with training and experience in the field of substance use.  This program has been operating in many high schools and middle schools within APS since 1995.

Crossroads services include:

  • Drug & Alcohol education
  • Tobacco and E-cigarette education
  • Initial Assessment
  • Individual Brief Counseling
  • Family Support
  • Community resources integration & skills training
  • Problem identification and referral to providers

 Debbie Medina

505-883-7222 ext. 43028


Crossroads is available to all Del Norte students for individual, confidential support. Any student may seek support for themselves (or refer another student that is using substances) if they feel worried or concerned. Additionally, students may receive support if their friend or family member is using alcohol and/or other substances.  This is a program available during the school year.