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Special Education Programs

(505) 883-7222

All Teachers can be reached by calling the main number listed above. You may then enter the 5-digit extension to reach your party. Please note that phones do NOT ring in classrooms during school hours, however you will be able to leave a message.

Assistant Principal of Special Education
Special Education Head Teacher
Rebecca Beck ex: 43013 Special Education Dept. Chair
Base Program
Dominic Ortega Educational Assistant
Ronald Schultz ex: 43145 SES Special Education Teacher
Cross-Categorical Program (Cross-Cat)
Bernadette Broward ex: 43076 Special Education Mathematics Teacher
Lava Danius ex: 43040 Special Education Mathematics Teacher
Christie Donnelly ex: 43194 Special Education English Teacher
Patricia Jones ex: 43038 Special Education Mathematics Teacher
Ronald Lavandoski ex: 43080 Special Education Science Teacher
Rachelle Lopez ex: 43196 Special Education Mathematics/Science Teacher
Maria Lukes ex: 43135 Special Education Social Studies Teacher
Dmitri Morenike ex: 43077 Special Education Mathematics Teacher
Kenneth Peters ex: 43208 Special Edication Social Studies Teacher
Helen Roberson ex: 43117 ELD / English Teacher
Mark Trujillo Special Education Social Studies/English Teacher
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program (DHH)
Gary Chapman (505) 715-5075 D/HH Teacher
Laura Guggenheim ex: 43045 D/HH Teacher
English Language Development Program (ELD)
Helen Roberson ex: 43117 ELD / English Teacher
Gifted Program
Kenneth Couch ex: 43093 Gifted Program Teacher
Intensive Global Supports Program (IGS)
Christina Jarrell ex: 43110 IGS Special Education Teacher
Social Communication Supports Program (SCS3)
Michael Biddle ex: 43121 SCS3 Special EducationTeacher
Bessalyn Gantt Educational Assistant
Victoria Myllamoto Educational Assistant
Social Emotional Supports Program (SES1)
Lawrence Garcia ex: 43147 SES Special Education Teacher
Roberta Paulson Educational Assistant
Joseph Sanchez Educational Assistant
Ronald Schultz ex: 43145 SES Special Education Teacher
Supplementary Aids & Services
Max Ortiz-Concha ex: 43152 Social Worker
Barbara Smith ex: 43140 Transition Specialist
Debbie Stewart ex: 43106 Occupational Therapist
Shelly Stoltenberg ex: 43125 Social Worker
Johnnie Thompson ex: 43009 School Nurse
Jenny Yeh-Nelson ex: 43107 Physical Therapist